Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Draw what you see, not what you think you see.

Optical Art Movement

Working with color and line variation to create an optical illusion.

Collaborating with Diego Rivera...

Okay not really, but we borrowed his imagery to create these amazing images.

Each kid was responsible for a square in the image.

Then we put them together to create a completed composition. Students learned the value of collaboration with their peers.


Working with a MARK! 
Making an Impression of what we observe in an abstract drawing using oil pastels to create that impresionist mark.

 Journal Entries

9 Designs created with value

Learning about value through a pencil drawing using a grid method.
We learned portraiture drawing with pencil. Students then added personal details too surround the image of themselves. 

Contour line gesture drawings to practice human form and movement.

 Learning about how Mandalas are created students were then able to come up with their own design, and create a color wheel out of it.

Just 5 lines and some shading is all it takes to create a fantastic abstract composition.


Putting a Perspective on Things
 Using 1 or 2 point perspective students came up with a city design.
Bring Texture to Life
 Using a shoe drawing created from a still life students filled each space with a texture using pen and ink.
A watercolor wash made an excellent backdrop for this textured abstract in pen and ink.
Juxtaposition in colored pencil

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